Y2Mate: Youtube Video Downloader 4K, 2180P, 1440P, 1080P, MP3

Y2Mate: Youtube Video Downloader is a youtube video converter and downloader web application that helps us to download videos from youtube.

And in this post, our team will review all the features of Y2Mate.com and tell you is good or safe for you or not.

So before using any web app of y2mate, make sure to read this article till the end to know all the things about y2mate mobile applications and web applications.

What is Y2Mate

Y2Mate is a youtube video and audio download software available in both formate mobile apps and web versions.

y2mate official

Currently on the internet y2 mate software is available in different versions like y2mate.com, y2mate.is, y2mate.me, and more.

All these versions do the same work these can download youtube videos in different formats and resolutions.

If you want to download youtube videos to local storage then you can choose anyone that you love.

But before choosing anyone keep in mind that these types of websites are not safe for us and our devices as well.

How to Download Youtube Video in Y2Mate

So if You want to download YouTube videos to your local storage then you can choose y2mate.com or  y2mate.is for downloading videos.

y2mate youtube

And here below I’ve mentioned some steps that help you to download youtube videos.

Steps to Download Youtube Videos

  1. Open youtube app or website
  2. Now find the video that you want to download
  3. Now copy video link or URL (you can get a video link in the URL bar or in the share button section.
  4. Visit y2mate official site
  5. Paste the video link and click on the convert button
  6. Now y2 mate will fetch all the details related to that video
  7. Now you will see all the available video quality
  8. You can download youtube videos in any quality that you want
  9. All done!

This is a quick process that shows you how you can download youtube videos using y2mate tools.

Download Youtube Video in MP3 using y2mate

Y2mate youtube to mp3 converter is the best tool that helps you in downloading mp3 songs from youtube.

So if you want to download audio in mp3 format from youtube then you can use y2mate tools.

Steps to download mp3 from youtube

  1. Open youtube app or the official website of youtube
  2. Now search for that song that you want to download
  3. Open y2mate website
  4. Now paste the link of that song and click the search button
  5. Now you will see an option called download audio
  6. Click on it and choose mp3 format
  7. Now choose quality for your audio files like 320kbps, 190kbps, or love
  8. Tap on the download button and your audio will automatically start to download on your device.
  9. All done!!!

KoppalPolice News does not force you to use this website to download videos of youtube. But you can use this website to download royalty-free audio and video from youtube. Also, you can use this website if you want to download your own uploaded videos from youtube.

Editorial Team

Is y2mate Safe?

So many people ask me that y2mate is safe or not. So I don’t have a clear answer but I can clear your doubt about is y2mate safe to use or not.

So y2mate uses lots of harmful advertisements on its website to make a profit and monetize thair tools or applications.

These types of ads are harmful to our system and data, so at this point using y2mate may be risky.

But on the other side if you block all advertisement and third-party scripts before using y2 mate then in this way maybe y2mate is safe to use.

VPN is Must before using y2mate

As we know VPN is a necessary thing day by day in digital life and if you want to be more secure on the web then you have to use a VPN.

And if you want to access Y2mate on your system that I recommend you to use a VPN before accessing this site. because using VPN can help you to avoid IP exposure.


So guys now you know what is Y2 mate and how it works. also, I told you should you use y2mate or not and Y2 mate is safe for you or not.

but if you still have any confusion regarding y2mate then do let me know in the comment section I will answer your question quickly. 

Thanks for reading…

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