What is PTET? PTET Full Form (Complete Guide PTET 2023)

Hello friends, in today’s article we are going to talk about PTET? And what are the benefits of doing PTET and what is the difference between PTET, BSTC, and b.ed, we will discuss all those topics in this article, so finally stay inside this article?

What is PTET?

Friends, PTET is a 4-year diploma course running inside Rajasthan. After doing this course, you can easily become a teacher and within this course, both your BA and b.ed are completed simultaneously.

If we say in our easy language, then PTET is an easy way to become a second-grade or third-grade teacher easily. If you also like to become a second or third-grade teacher, then PTET can prove to be a good course for you.

So let us know how we can do PTET and what is the full form of PTET and what are the benefits of this course. 

PTET Full Form

The full form of PTET is Pre-Teacher Education Test.

How to do PTET

So friends, let us now know how we can do PTET and what qualifications are necessary to do PTET.

By the way, if we assume, then no qualification is required to do PTET, instead, you should be 12th pass.

If you have just passed 12th or if you had ever passed twelfth before then you can easily crack PTET.

To do PTET, you have to clear a pre-exam of PTET, after that, you can easily do PTET.

PTET pre-exam is conducted every year, if you clear that pre-test by participating in it, then on the basis of merit you are allotted a college, and in that college, you can complete your PTET course.

PTET vs BSTC vs B.Ed

So now we come to the biggest question that PTET vs BSTC vs B.Ed which is a good course for you and what are the similarities between these three courses and what are the similarities here below. Let’s discuss.

PTET is a 4-year diploma course running in Rajasthan, so that you can easily do it after passing 12th, for this, you do not need any special qualification. After doing this course, you can easily become a second and third-grade teacher. In this course, your two degrees are completed simultaneously, the first is BA and the second is B.Ed.

On the other hand, if we talk about BSTC, then BSTC is a 2-year diploma course running in Rajasthan and after doing this course, you can easily become a third-class teacher, you do not have to have any special qualification to do this course. Yes, if you are twelfth pass then you can do the BSTC course by passing its pre-exam. But one special thing to keep in mind is that you can use the BSTC course only to become a third-grade teacher in the REET exam.

So now let’s talk about the most popular B.Ed. To do B. Ed, you must have some kind of special qualification, you have to do BA first and after 12th. After that, you have to participate in the 2-year diploma program of PTET and to do a 2-year B.Ed course of PTET you have to clear its pre-exam also after doing BA.

It will take you 5 years to separate both ba and b.ed separately, whereas if you want to do these two courses together then your time will take 4 years and it is possible if you do PTET.

So I hope you have liked this article of ours, if you have any questions related to PTET, then you can feel free to ask me in the comment below. 

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