What is NRC and Full Form of NRC

In this article, we will give you updates about NRC, what is the full form of NRC and what is NRC.

First of all let me tell you about the full form of NRC, the full form of NRC is the National Register of Citizens Bill. NRC means to be a citizen of the country, now we tell you what is NRC?

What Is NRC?

NRC was made for the identification of a person, you must know that the security of every country is very important, according to that different documents have been made in every country by which the person can be identified and it is only for one person.Have an identity.

The person can be identified by which country he is a citizen, he is a citizen of India, NRC is not applicable in India, Assam is a state where NRC is there but why it is applicable only in Assam, it will tell you further telling


When India was partitioned, many more new countries including Pakistan and Bangladesh were formed along with India. Countries have borders with Assam, due to which the number of people from other countries is more than the number of people in Assam.

Government of India implemented NRC in Assam by amending the Citizenship Act in 1986, only those people who were born here in 1971 Those who have lived in Assam for more than 25 years before the time of ancestors will be included in the NRC along with some of their documents. They are living on the base and it is up to the Government of India to protect them. There are some advantages and disadvantages of NRC as well.

Important Document In NRC?

Documents for NRC If you are living in Assam for 20 years along with some of your documents, you can enroll your name in NRC, the main document you must have is birth certificate, license, bank account or court document, University Shiksha Patra, Bhumi Patra, documents or rent receipts should be available for enrollment in NRC.


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