Indian Police Departments – Police Full Form

My dear friends, today we are going to give you information about the Police Full Form, today we will give you all the information about the Police Full Form and types of Police in this article. We all know about the police but some people do not know much about the police, so today we will give all the information about it.

What is the Full form of Police?

Friends, first of all, we will talk about the full form of police and tell you what is the full form of police?

The full form of police is Public Officer for Legal Investigations and Criminal Emergencies.

What Is Police & About the Police?

Friends, you must have known about the full form of police, it is a uniformed person who is responsible for maintaining law and order. There is a team of police who works according to the instructions of the government.

The main function of the police is to protect the citizen, maintain order and prevent disorder of the citizen, prevent crime, save lives and punish the criminals.

Indain Police Departments and officers Type

  • police constable
  • head constable
  • Assistant Sub Inspector (ASI)
  • Sub Inspector (SI)
  • inspector
  • Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP)
  • Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP)
  • Superintendent of Police (SP)
  • Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP)
  • Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG)
  • Inspector-General of Police (IGP)
  • Director-General of Police (DGP)


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