STC/BSTC क्या है और कैसे करें – BSTC Full Form

Hello friends, today we will talk about BSTC and I will tell you what is BSTC and what is its full form?

Also, in this post, we will know complete information about BSTC 2023. If you also want to know when will be the BSTC 2023 exam and what will be the eligibility for BSTC 2023, then definitely read this article till the end.

What is BSTC?

BSTC is a 2-year teacher training course running in Rajasthan, it aims to create new teachers. some people also know bstc as STC, but both BSTC and STC is one.

By new teachers, we mean that if you want to become a teacher then BSTC can be a very good option for you inside Rajasthan. After doing this course, you can give an exam inside the REET recruitment in Rajasthan and after qualifying, you can become a teacher.

BSTC Full Form

BSTC is BSTC full form Basic School Teaching Course and in Hindi, the full form of BSTC is Basic School Teaching Certificate or Basic School Teaching Course.

So let us now know what are qualifications you should have to do the BSTC course?

How to do BSTC course and eligibility

Friends, you do not have to have any special qualifications to do a BSTC course, if you are 12th pass then you can do a BSTC course by passing the pre-test to be conducted for doing BSTC course inside Rajasthan. can.

The pre-exam of BSTC is also known as pre deled. After passing 12th, you can give this exam and if your number comes in the merit list then on that basis you are allotted colleges and you can do a BSTC degree from that college.

BSTC vs B.ed

Friends, many of you must have this confusion in your mind that who is better in B.ed and BSTC, so today I clear your confusion.

BSTC is a good option for those people who want to become a third-grade teacher, and many people also do BSTC because after doing BSTC it becomes much easier to become a government teacher. Because a separate level is allotted for BSTC inside the REET exam and posts are also allotted for BSTC holders within the same level.

It is very easy to become a teacher by doing BSTC because the competition is less in it but for this, you have to do a separate BSTC course for at least 2 years and this course is used only to become a teacher. So you cannot use this degree anywhere else.

On the other hand, if we talk about B. Ed, then there are very good career options available in B.Ed, in today’s time, you can become a government teacher by doing B.Ed as well as become a second class teacher.

Apart from this, there are many career options for BEd holders in today’s time, which you can try, which we will talk about in our upcoming articles.

I hope now you know everything about BSTC. if you have any query suggestions related to BSTC then you can ask us in the comment section, we will give you the answer. 

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