Examination & Evaluation

I. Internal Assessment
  • Theoretical Learning Experience & three sessional examinations will be conducted for theoretical learning experience and average of the three and the prescribed assignments will be taken for internal assessment.

II. University Examination

Requirements for University Examination

  1. A Candidate should have completed 80% of theory and practical attendance for each subject. If a candidate fails to appear for the examination in any part or parts owing to the shortage of required attendance she/he shall make up for her/his lost attendance before appearing for the forth coming exams. If required the candidate should repeat with junior batch. Candidates shall secure required pass mark for internal assessment. There will be regular and supplementary examination every year.

III. Council Examination Requirements

 A candidate shall be eligible for admission to the examination if Head of the School certifies that:She / he has completed not less than eleven months of the course and that their total performance has been satisfactory during the period.Has attended 75% of the formal instruction given in each subject and 75% of field experience separately during the year.  Her/his records of practical experience are up to date.The head of school sends to the Council the internal marks for each paper as well as practical.

IV. Supplementary Examinations

The board of the Council holds supplementary examination after 6 months of annual examination.If a student fails in one theory paper, he/she may be promoted to the next year of study, but will sit for a supplementary examination held subsequently in the failed subjects.After a second failure in same paper the student may continue in the college at the direction of the college authorities and  may appear for the next exam subsequently.If a student fails in two or more papers she shall repeat the whole year. Passing a practical examination is compulsory for promotion to the next year, and in one of the two supplementary examinations each year.

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