Student Nurses' Association

Student Nurses Association

The Student Nurses Association, popularly known as SNA, the only National level associate organization of the TNAI (Trained Nurses Association of India) for student nurses established in the year 1929 at the time of annual conference of the TNAI in Madras. SNA is an association aiming at the overall development of each student nurse with the ultimate motive of the development of the Nursing Profession and accredit them to join TNAI as qualified nurses.

The diversity of activities is in the professional, Social, Cultural and Recreational Spheres. It conducts Unit, Zonal, State and National level competitions in sports and cultural events. Dynamism and energy of the young who enter the nursing profession are channelized constructively through sports, fine arts, drama, dance, music painting, and scientific paper presentation competitions. Public speaking and writing is encouraged to increase self-confidence and to help them develop communication skills.SNA is having executives at the Unit, Zonal, State and National levels.SNA organizes meetings and conference at these levels on periodic intervals and as desired. The Student Nurses’ Association awards scholarship to the students of ANM/GNM and B.Sc programme.

SNA is having following executives at the unit level: Vice President, Secretary, Joint Secretary, Programme chairperson, General Captain, and representatives from each batch of BSc.N and GNM. The Principal, Govt. College of Nursing Kozhikode is the President of the SNA unit and one faculty member act as the SNA advisor. Unit Executives will be elected at the end of December or beginning of January through elections in the General body.

Membership: The students become members by paying the unit subscription fee (Annually) and they have to pay Rs. 40/- to the zone and Rs. 30/- to the state as subscription annually