Courses & Programmes

CoursesYear of startingDuration of the courseCurrent IntakeTotal Sudents
B.Sc Nursing19824 years66246 + 60 (Internship)
General Nursing & Midwifery198631/2 years3090 + 30 (Internship)
M.Sc Nursing19962 years3366
Obstetrics and gynecology Nursing19962 years612
Psychiatric Nursing20042 years612
Medical Surgical Nursing20062 years612
Community Health Nursing20062 Years612
Child health Nursing20062 years612


B.Sc. Nursing is a Baccalaureate Degree Programme of four (4) years, leading to the award of a Degree of Bachelor of Science in Nursing. The programme is designed to help the graduates acquire a broad based knowledge and to become highly competent professionals who can function as skilled practitioners in different hospital and community settings. 

Admission Requirements

  1. The minimum age for admission shall be 17 years on or before 31 st December of the year of admission (As per University Norms)
  2. The minimum educational requirements shall be the passing of:Higher Secondary School Certificate Examination (12 years course), Or Senior School Certificate Examination(10+2), Pre-Degree Examination (10+2), Or An equivalent with 12 years schooling from a recognized board or university with Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) and English with minimum of  50% aggregate marks.(as per INC norms).
  3. Candidate shall be medically fit.


Duration of the programme shall be four years. Internship Integrated practice is incorporated with respective practical hours in each year.  

  • Course Duration = 4 years
  • Weeks available per year = 52 weeks
  • Vacation = 6 weeks
  • Festival Holidays = 2 weeks
  • Public holidays  = weeks
  • Examination (including preparatory) = 2+2 weeks
  • Available weeks = 42 weeks
  • Hours per week = 40 hours
  • Hours available per academic year = 1680(42weeks x 40 hours

Vacation / Holidays

  • 6 weeks vacation (including Public holidays, Year Break, Festival Holidays) shall be given in each year


  1. Nutrition and Biochemistry Question paper will consist of Section A Nutrition of 50 marks
  2. and section B Biochemistry of 25 marks.
  3. Nursing research & statistics- Nursing Research should be Section A of 50 marks and
  4. Statistics section B of 25 marks.
  5. Theory exam in English and Theory and Practical exams for Introduction to computer are to be conducted as College exam (internal only) and marks to be sent to the University for Inclusion in the mark sheet.
  6. All practical examinations are to be conducted in the respective clinical areas of the parent Institution for all students.
  7. An examiner should be a Lecturer or above in a College of Nursing with M.Sc nursing in the concerned subject and minimum of 3 years teaching experience in the collegiate program after PG. To be an examiner for Nursing Foundation course, faculty having MSc (N) in any specialty shall be considered.
  8. Calculation of internal marks shall be based on the ongoing and continuous assessment as specified below.


  • Periodic written examination distributed throughout the year (minimum 3(THREE)  in a year for each subject of University Examination).
  • Marks of Evaluation by other methods like assignments, seminars, projects etc.. can be   added to the internal marks.

Practical (Clinical)

  • Continuous clinical evaluation during the clinical experience of the students in specific clinical area is evaluated for the internal marks. Marks of evaluation by other methods like assignments-(nursing care study, clinical presentation, planned health teaching programme, drug file, projects) can be   added to the internal marks.


  1. University examination shall be conducted ordinarily twice in a year (one regular and one supplementary examination every year)
  2. Candidate shall register for all parts of examination in their first appearance.
  3. Candidates who have undergone the prescribed course of study for a period not less than 10 months of the academic year only can appear for the examination. A candidate who is absent for a total of more than 60 days continuous or interrupted within a period of three months during an academic year shall not be eligible to continue the course with the same batch of students. He/she may obtain special sanction for readmission with the junior batch from higher authorities (University / DME/ Govt. of Kerala)
  4. A candidate must have minimum 80% attendance in both theory and practical separately in each subject for appearing the university examinations.
  5. No candidate shall be admitted to any parts of the examination unless he/she have secured a minimum of 80% or above attendance separately in theory classes as well as practical in each subject.
  6. Quarterly attendance should be informed to the University.
  7. Medium of Instruction and Examination: – The medium of Instruction and Examination shall be in English.
  8. Candidates who fail to appear for examination in any part or parts owing to the shortage of required attendance shall make up the lost attendance before appearing for the succeeding examination.8. Condo nation Condition: (Condonable limit -70%) 10% of Attendance for one subject or distributed among the subjects for one time during the entire course of study.  The decision regarding this aspect is based on the discretion of the Principal and Faculty of the Institution.
  9. Minimum pass marks shall be 50% in each of the Theory and Practical papers separately for internal examinations.
  10. The internal marks shall be signed by the candidate before transmission to the university.
  11. Minimum pass marks shall be 50% in each of the Theory and practical papers separately for university examinations.
  12. There should be one day gap between two theory exams and one week gap between theory and practical exams.
  13. A candidate must have 100% attendance in each of the practical areas before award of Degree.
  14. A candidate has to pass in theory and practical exam separately in each of the paper.
  15. Criteria for pass: Candidate who has secured a minimum of 50% marks in theory (including the sessional) and practical (including the sessional) separately in any subject, shall be declared to have passed in that subject.
  16. Nutrition and Biochemistry: No separate pass needed for Nutrition and   Biochemistry.
  17. Nursing research & statistics- No separate pass needed for    Nursing Research and Statistics
  18. If a candidate fails in either theory or practical paper  he/she has to reappear  for both the papers (Theory and practical)
  19. A candidate who fails in any subject in the examination may appear for that subject in the subsequent examination.
  20. Maximum number of attendance permitted for each subject is 5 including first attempt.
  21. Candidate shall not be admitted to the subsequent higher examination unless the candidate has passed the previous examination.
  22. The maximum period to complete the course successfully should not exceed 8 years.
  23. Maximum number of candidates for practical examination shall not exceed 15 per day.
  24. Each candidate should be evaluated for a period of three hours for practical and should undergo 10+10 minutes viva voce separately by internal and external examiner.
  25. The Marks awarded for practical examination by the internal and external examiner should be sending to the university separately.
  26. Revaluation conditions: No System of revaluation as there is double valuation of the theory papers.
  27. Declaration of Class:
    1. Candidate who pass all parts of examination on the first occasion of appearing there of shall be ranked in order of proficiency as determined by the total marks obtained and shall be arranged in two classes
    1. Second class: Candidate who have passed the examination with an aggregate of 50% and above and less than 60%.First class: Candidates who have secured 60% marks aggregate or above and less than 5%
    1. .Distinction: Those students who have secured an aggregate of 75 or above marks be awarded distinction.
    1. Candidate who pass in first class and who obtain not less than 75% of marks in any subject shall be deemed to have passed with distinction in that subject.
    1. Candidates who pass the examination in subsequent appearance shall be ranked only in second class.
  28. Award of Rank:-Rank in the examination- Aggregate marks of all the 4 years regular examination shall be considered for awarding rank. A consolidated mark list consisting of all 4 year examination shall be given to all the students. However a candidate who fails in one or more subject during the course shall be not eligible for the award of rank and medals.
  29. Award of Degree: A candidate who passes the entire subjects of the course for the specific period if any will be eligible for the award of degree during the ensuing convocation.
  30. Migration and Transfer: – Migration and Transfer from One College to another will not be permitted after the student has registered with a course of study with the university

General Nursing & Midwifery (GNM)

  • The aim of GNM course is to prepare nurses with sound educational program in nursing and serve as a base for further professional education and specialization. Diploma is awarded by the State Nursing Council


MSc.(Nursing) is a post graduate program, affiliated to Kerala University of Health Sciences, to prepare graduates for leadership position in nursing and health fields who can function as nurse specialists, educators, administrators in wide variety of professional settings.