Associations & Committees

A. Students Nurses Association (SNA)

SNA is a nationwide professional organization formed in 1929. A wide variety of activities are encouraged at all levels for the SNA members. The diversity of activities are in the professional, social, cultural and recreational spheres. The activities are conducted to strengthen curricular and co – curricular components. Organizing meetings and conferences at various levels is one of the important activities which provide a forum for the members to discuss and find solutions for various problems faced by the students. It conducts unit, zonal, state and national level competitions in sports and cultural events. Also the SNA encourages student by giving award and prizes. The Principal, Govt. College of Nursing Calicut is the President of SNA unit. One faculty member act as the SNA advisor.

B. Kerala B.Sc. Nursing Students Association (KBNSA)

KBNSA is a statewide organization for the B.Sc Nursing students studying in Government nursing colleges. It conducts unit and state level conferences and formulates strategies to eliminate problems faced by the B.Sc nursing student community. KBNSA conducts various programmes for overall development of students and also celebrates national and international important days. There is a staff Advisor for KBNSA at the college level.

C. Kerala Govt. Student Nurses Association

KGSNA is a state level organization of General Nursing and Midwifery students studying in Government nursing institutions. It is affiliated to Kerala Govt. Nurses Association. It conducts unit and state level competitions and conference.

D. Kerala Govt. Collegiate Nursing Teachers Association

KGCNTA is a statewide organisation of teachers of Govt. Nursing colleges. The organization is for the improvement of working conditions and welfare of teaching staff.

E. Alumni Association

It is the association of former students of the college. All teachers are associate members. After the successful completion of the course students are enrolled directly in to Alumni by paying a fee of Rs 750/- for the membership. It conducts educational sessions, annual conferences and get together of former students. It gives awards to first rank holders in various courses. In July 2011alumni association conducted a programme, ‘reflections’ in connection with silver jubilee celebration of the college in which, former principals of Govt.College of nursing, Kozhikode and first batches of alumni(B.Sc(N),GNM &M.Sc(N))were honored. Alumni association has also renovated a lecture hall in memory of Ancy Jose who was an alumni &first year M.Sc (N) student of this college.

E. Trained Nurses Association of India

TNAI is a nationwide organization of trained nurses .All the faculty members and M.Sc. nursing students are members of TNAI. It conducts unit, zonal state and national level conferences and educational programmes. Our unit belongs to North West Zone. 

F. Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

The Association facilitates a common platform for the teachers and parents for the improvement of overall function of College of Nursing. PTA gives award to the first rank holders of various courses.

Membership: - The student has to pay Rs. 100/- at the time of admission to become the member of SNA and Rs 68/- has to be paid as subscription annually.

Two copies of the Nursing Journal of India shall be supplied free of cost to each SNA unit. For every additional 25 members one more copy of the journal shall be supplied. Students get current information about professional activities in the country through these journals. Members of SNA, on completion of their training shall be eligible for life members in TNAI. SNA members avail 40% Railway concession.

G. Standing Committees

The standing Committees are constituted for the proper functioning of the college. College development committee, Curriculum committee, staff development committee, health and welfare committee, Library committee, mess committee and social committee are the standing committees functioning in our college. 

H. Staff Development Programmes

As a part of staff development programme the faculty members are provided opportunities for attending various workshops, seminars, symposiums and conferences conducted by various institutions and agencies in and outside the state and country. The aim of such programmes is to update their knowledge in with recent advancements in Nursing, Medical and allied fields. In addition to this, following staff development activities are carried out in the college. 

I. Journal Club

 It is constituted part of staff development programme on 16/3/1998. The objectives of the club are to update the knowledge of the teaching faculty to incorporate the most recent developments in the practical field and to inculcate good teaching habits by utilizing research findings and also, recent development of medicine. The journal club is functioning well with series of research articles presentation by the faculty.

J. Research Cell

It is constituted with a view to improve the nursing practices, education and administration. All the faculty members with postgraduate qualifications are considered as members and others are considered as associate members. The objectives of the research cell are to enhance research mindedness among the faculty and to conduct researches to enhance quality patient care, improving nursing education and management skills.

K. Continuing Nursing Education Cell (CNE)

It was organized in the year 1984 and reconstituted in 1996. The main aim of CNE cell is to conduct in-service education programmes for the college faculty and nurses of various hospitals and nursing schools (under different sponsorships) to update their knowledge, skill and attitude.

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