Students' Zone


1. Student's health and welfare activities

 Students health and welfare committee was formed in 1984 with a view to improve the health status of the students and to assist them during grievances. The students are sent to clinical practice after complete medical check up. This is followed by yearly medical checkup. A health record is maintained for each student.

2. Guidance and Counseling

Systematic and periodic guidance and counseling are provided by the counseling cell to those students who have specified difficulties either in academic or professional affairs.

3. National Services Scheme (NSS)

A well functioning National Service Scheme unit was started at the College of Nursing, Kozhikode under, University of Calicut on 11/6/1999. The main aim is to develop personality of students through community service. N.S.S unit of this college is conducting various health and social service programmes. Members are actively supporting the patients in the Medical college hospital through the patient care unit by providing medicines, clothes, and required assistance. 

4. Scholarships

 A number of scholarships are available to the students on the basis of both the merit as well as income. The details are given below.

  1. District Merit Scholarship
  2. National Merit Scholarship - This scholarship shall be awarded to the students on the basis of marks in the S.S.L.C examination.  The application shall be attested by first class magistrate and forwarded to the Director of Collegiate Education, Thiruvananthapuram. The student who has enjoyed the merit scholarship in his/her pre-degree course can apply for merit scholarship in his/her B.Sc Nursing Degree and Post graduate degree course also.
  3. Calicut University Merit Award - This scholarship shall be awarded annually by the syndicate, Calicut University held immediately before this admission to the College
  4. Kumara Pillai Commission (KPCR) scholarship on the basis of criteria i.e., annual income below Rs.40, 000, the student will get total fee concession.
  5. Students Nurses Association Scholarship is awarded on the basis of merit, financial support for those who are economically backward, an amount of Rs 6000/- + 1000/- for books are given to a student in an year for each course.


  1. M.Sc (N) students will be given.Rs.12000/month as stipend after executing a bond to serve the government for a period of one year after the completion of course
  2. B.Sc (N) interns will be given Rs.4500/month for a period of one year.
  3. GNM students in this college, staying in the hostel will be given their actual boarding and lodging charges and Rs.100/month as pocket money by the SC/ST development department.